Our Mission

The High-Performance Computing Workforce Development and Retention Action Group’s mission is to enable the Department of Energy National Laboratories and their related computing communities to share their collective insight for inclusive and equitable workforce development and retention for High-Performance Computing.

We foster a community within the DOE High-Performance Computing communities that comes together on a regular basis to share ideas, catalog best practices, and develop recommendations and strategies for improvement.

Latest Blog Posts


US-RSE Conference

The first ever US-RSE Conference, US-RSE23, is happening October 16-18, 2023, in Chicago, IL. The theme of this year’s conference will be Software Enabled Discovery and Beyond.



ECP Broadening Participation Initiative: Challenges, Gaps, and Opportunities in Computing Workforce Development and Retention

Abstract The ECP Broadening Participation Initiative seeks to foster a supportive and inclusive culture within...

OpenMP Users Monthly Telecon

The ECP SOLLVE project, which is working to evolve OpenMP for exascale computing, invites you...